We have to cancel the School, as a real or an on-line event, however, we still have something to offer:

Dear colleagues, and dear friends,

in this uncertain period, we were searching for options to preserve the continuity of the International School of Biophysics in 2020. In June, based on the Croatian and WHO reports, we decided to cancel School in the form of a live event.   Even before that, in April, we applied for the national and European funding to support the organization of the School as an on-line and fee-free event.

We are very thankful to all of you who, in the meantime, responded very positively to the idea of an online School and offered their contributions.

However, as not even minimum funds were granted, we refrained from organizing the online event, as it would be overwhelmingly challenging to provide adequate support to all the lecturers for their presentations, to have them on the consistent technical level and to assist all the students who’d like to join.

There are still some lines of action left to us: one is the independent e-Courses that regular lecturers and presenters from previous Schools are providing on-line. We will promote these on-line events and we will certainly encourage initiatives that are related to the School activities and scientific scope.

One such event will be run by Nanotemper, a long-time supporter of the School.  An e-Course in advanced biophysical methods will be held on 31.08-01.09, You can register and check the detailed agenda at this address:


Beyond this, the Governing Board of the Croatian Biophysical Society that serves also within the Organizing Committee for the School will promote the effort to mark the School 2020 by inviting contributions, editing and publishing a volume that will reflect the School activities of the last decade: contributions from our Lecturers, workshop trainers, but also student’s contributions.

Looking forward to the School in 2022,

Sincerely Yours,

Tomislav Vuletić, the School Chair



Programme – organizing Committee members:

  1. Cindrić, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, president of the Croatian Biophysical Society
  2. Delač Marion, Institute of physics, Zagreb
  3. Hozić, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb
  4. Krce, Faculty of Science, University of Split
  5. Maltar Strmečki, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb
  6. Šiber, Institute of physics, Zagreb
  7. Zoranić, Faculty of Science, University of Split, Head of the local team