We have to cancel the School, but we are looking into the possibility of organizing the School as an on-line event.

Due to the uncertainties regarding the current COVID-19 epidemic, we are currently reviewing our options. All of the activities of the School are amenable to being presented on-line in the form of webinars, web casts and live conferences. We will not postpone the School to 2021 season, as it is a biennial event that alternates with EBSA congress and its satellite meetings. Cancelling the School would leave a gap for the students and in all its history the School was only postponed once, from 1992 to 1993, at the height of the military aggression on the Republic of Croatia. So in accordance to the developments of the COVID-19 situation we are still looking  alternative scenarios:

If restrictions in Croatia and elsewhere in Europe will not be significantly reduced till mid-June and cross-border travel bans remain throughout the summer we will try to organize the School to be fully on-line. The lecturers will provide content from their locations. The computational workshops will be run by students under remote guidance from the lecturers. Experimental workshops will be executed at the equipment in the lecturers’ laboratories. Tools like MS teams or Zoom will be provided to all the workshop leaders and a dedicated technician will be hired to assist them in running their workshops. Remaining lecturers will provide high-level ex-cathedra lectures at their home institutions which will be streamed on-line.