NOTE: PLEASE, READ THIS AND THEN THE OVERVIEW (a separate document). Select modules via Doodle poll – link is at the bottom of the page.

Hands-on activities take place from Day 2 to Day 5 (4 full days, 28-31/8 2020).

The ex-cathedra presentations/lectures will be used as an introductory component or to wrap-up what was learnt during the hands-on activity (and also to inform a broader audience of the module content). Overall, we strive to promote active learning experiences.

LINK: Hands-on training modules overview

Modules in 1-day or 2-day format

Several modules have an intro lecture on Day 1, others have a wrap-up afterwards (Day 7-9)

1-day modules repeat everyday for a new group of students (maximum 6)

2-day modules repeat every 2nd day for a new group of students (maximum 12)

Select modules for a total of 4 days!

Select freely – only Mass.Spec and Mol.Biophys (module 5TH & 10EXP) are linked because they take place in Zagreb – not in Split. Transfers to Zagreb and back will be provided, as well as accommodation for the students – included in the reg.fee.

The final allocation will be subject to availability, where the early registered students will be given preference.

LINK: Hands-on training modules selection – external, Doodle poll