The School participants are encouraged to learn about sailing, to learn to swim, to learn to drink some grog and to learn to tie some boating knots in order to graduate as deckhands instead of remaining mere passengers…

Full board accommodation (Sept 3-10) will be provided during the cruise. Places aboard will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. However, different groups will be accommodated on different ships (see below).

On ships, the cabins have to be shared – there will be no single rooms; all cabins have en suite bathrooms.

Accommodation for the first two days in Split (Sept 1-3), on the university campus, is included in the prices listed below.


Motorsailer, 32 person capacity, accommodation price 750€, bed bunks, 4 per cabin, primarily for EBSA grantees and regular participants.

QueenoftheSea  QueenoftheSea_cabin


A+ category mini-cruiser, 38 person capacity, accommodation price 1160€, twin or double bed cabins, primarily reserved for lecturers.

Cat_Aplus_ship  Cat_Aplus_cabin   IMG_1213


A category mini-cruiser, 32 person capacity, accommodation price 850€, twin or double bed cabins, primarily reserved for COST participants.

Cat_A_ship   Cat_A_cabin


Two boats with our skippers. Capacity:  6 passengers in 3 double bed cabins per boat, accommodation price 750€.

Sailingboat_43   SailingCabin